High-quality digital printing by Lang+Lang

Our company - a green story

Our company has existed for more than 50 years in a rapidly changing digitalized environment. Challenges like lack of resources, ecological catastrophes or pandemics are omnipresent now.

Therefor we focus on the useful composition of parts and reduced consumption of resources, but also the durability and quality of our surfaces is very important to us! The more long-living the quality, the fewer our clients have to re-buy anything. Sustainability can be so easy.

With our own solar system we cover about 75% of our energy need. This reduces 52 tons of CO2 per year. Excess of energy is stored and re-inducted into the system.

Also in our company culture humanity and environmental awareness play a huge role. Our employees enjoy a safe working environment with corresponding equipment and required safety measures. We are improving our workflow and tools to save physical resources in a digital age the best way! Like for example with an electronic project management plattform.

We cultivate durable partnerships and are always thoughtful about keeping or delivery- and communication ways short. Preferred we buy goods regionally and over certificated partners, which themselves care about a eco-friendly alternative.

Solaranlage Dach Lang+Lang
Solaranlage Dach oben Lang+Lang

Our products - a green choice

The growing ecological awareness leads to changing consumption- and disposal habits in individuals and companies. We are also in charge of the responsibility – together with our partners – to find green, eco-friendly and re-usable resources and materials. Through substitution, waste prevention and water- and energy saving methods we can minimize our ecological footprints.

The quality and longevity of our printed surfaces is sustainability, doesn’t matter if it is fabric, wallpaper, glass, metal or wood – all materials are for durable use.

Besides, we also offer a eco-friendly possibility of our surfaces depending on the area of application:

  • PVC – free self-adhesive film
  • fabrics, which thread has been woven from recycled plastic bottles
  • PVC – free welting for fabric confection
  • wallpapers, fabrics, carpets and web, which have been cerftificated by Ökotex
  • natural wood board directly from nearby sawmill
  • plywood from a fast growing poplar wood
  • glass in all sizes and forms is 100% recyclable
  • Plexiglas pro Terra®

For our goods to arrive safely at their destiny, we cover them with cardboard and wood and disclaim any kind of plastic.

Our light boxes are equipped with LED corresponding to the European norm and are CE marked. Deconstructed the parts can be disposed professionally and the durability of LED is also a lot higher than of neon tubes.

Our technology - a green process

The technology of digital printing has gained a lot of sustainability itself over the last decades. In comparison to other alternative technologies like sandblasting, screen printing and film printing direct digital printing provides the possibility to print a small or large amount efficiently without causing waste.

We are working with eco-friendly, odorless, acid-free and nonhazardous inks and fabrics without PVC, softeners, chlorine and halogen.

Through regular service of our devices and change of the UV filters we guarantee to keep the power use as low as possible. The UV-durable textile prints, which have been produced by thermo-sublimation print, are Öko-Tex 100 certificated and nonhazardous for humans and the environment. This procedure is fitting for all polyester fabrics – also for Evolon, the eco-friendly banner. Evolon is PVC-free and disposable through household garbage. This soft material is clearly lighter, but nonetheless robust and crease-free.