High-quality digital printing by Lang+Lang

Dimax® industrial digital printing

  • stands for high-value and durable solutions in digital printing on a variety of surfaces.
  • is developing and testing the suitable printing technique for every surface to achieve the optimum results.
  • offers pre- and post treatment possibilities in addition to the digital printing technique, to meet the technical requirements of where the surface is applied.

A few examples of our developments: dimax® glass printing, SanMOD® Sanitary modules, ceramic plates, metal ceilings, interior lighted doors, Nirosta® plates for ship building, printed window frames.

We offer our know how on clients demand for the development of their own digital printing systems and the supporting productions.

Benefits working with us

innovative technologies. outcome-oriented solutions. individual support.

    • digital printing & color management for all materials
    • different inks for diverse applications
    • cutting technology for labeling, cut-outs and perfect finishing
    • protective varnishing of surfaces
    • manual cutting and automatic sewing
    • printing with high resolution up to 1700dpi

Our Materials

aesthetic-individual. high-quality print. cost-effective.


We offer a wide range of printable materials for all different application areas – und are always here to consult the realization of your ideas! Over all we print on almost all materials used in architecture and moreover supply full service solutions with lighting, furniture and constructions.


Day by day new technologies and materials appear on the market; e.g. intelligent materials nowadays can do more: like insulating noise and absorbing smells. Therefor its good to have someone by your side, who knows these new trends to find the exact fitting solution for your idea!