High-quality digital printing by Lang+Lang

High-quality digital printing solutions for interior design, architecture and industry

Lang+Lang is pioneer in the field of digital printing.

We offer high-quality digital printing on different materials with ever-growing, innovative technology. As beta tester of all the devices from Durst Group, we have collected a distinctive know-how and also furthered our own technological developments in combination of device, ink, pre- and post treatment.

Founded as little photo studio in 1947, we were primary specialized on photography – but as time went by we started to also focus on printing. Today, our internationally operating company is now successful in 3 areas of digital printing:

  • stands for high-value and durable solutions in digital printing on a variety of surfaces.
  • is developing and testing the suitable printing technique for every surface to achieve the optimum results.
  • offers pre- and post treatment possibilities in addition to the digital printing technique, to meet the technical requirements of where the surface is applied.
  • brings the company’s DNA and CI decoratively into the architecture: in interior design on floor, walls and ceiling just as on fronts outdoor – “art in construction”!
  • designs the storytelling concept in alignment with the client’s need and then the takes care of the graphic implementation.
  • consults architects and planners concerning materials and printing solutions and also supports them with the corresponding data preparation.
  • our home decoration Onlineshop for personalized printed materials.
  • you can pick your own photo or favorite motif from our big picture data bank.
  • and configurate your own printed product directly online now!

75 years of Lang+Lang, a story of passionately developing and printing photography up to an innovative global player in digital printing:

When Rudolf Lang started as photographer in 1947, nobody could have guessed the company’s international development over the meanwhile 75 years of existence. As his son Werner had taken over the company, with that the foundation stone of one of the most progressive and most innovative companies in digital printing has been set. With the foundation of 360 Decoro in 2013 his daughter Denise Lang brought a new, internationally successful perspective to the company by establishing bespoke design for offering individualization and personalization in interior design.

We are here for your ideas!

Denise Lang, CEO