With effect from 1st October 2017 Denise Lang took over the company leadership of the Lang+Lang group. Rudolf Lang was Austria’s first photographer for the advertising market and founded his company in 1947. Werner Lang took over 1976 and now it is Denise’s turn to lead the company into the future.

Since 1976 the company has changed massively: Due to ongoing changes in the digital technology, Lang+Lang was forced to invest into research and development, industrial fabrication and international expansion.

After finishing the master degree Denise Lang decided to start the 360 decoro project business as subsidiary of Lang+Lang in Dubai where she has lived for four years before returning back to Austria to take over the business. Since then 360 decoro covers international locations such as London, Dubai, Hamburg and Hong Kong.

Lang+Lang between 1947 -2017:

The graphic shows the development from a simple photo studio in 1947 to a turnkey service offer in bespoke interior design and industrial digital printing in 2017.

Rudolf Lang
Austria’s first photographer in the advertising industry

Werner Lang
My personal appreciation of partners, customers and friends

41 years full of experience, dynamics, innovation…. a time that passed quickly. It is strange if I say I am still feeling like 28 years but if you love your job and its challenges then there is no time to grow old.

I am very happy to announce and appreciate all the longterm relationships with customers, partners and suppliers and many of you even became good friends.
It is your trust and value that makes our family business successfull and meaningful.

41 years full of joy but also respect and change have passed and I have gone through many different experiences of a typical entrepreneur and I don’t want to miss any.

Thank you!
Thanks to our customers, our business partners and of course our team and family for all the support you have given to me.

Good luck Denise, now it is your turn!

Denise Lang
New ideas for the future