means individual, self-standing sanitary moduls for a time-saving, standardised and flexible application inside hotel rooms. In particular hotel refurbishments require a flexible and fast solution that prevents dusty and loud work and enables to operation at the time of renovation.
SanMod® moduls are pre-fabricated in the factory and delivered as a full dismantled unit to site. It includes all electrical installations, water and sewerage installations as well as all decorations and accessories.

• standardised, manageable quality
• easy installation, in particular for renovations
• short installation time
• large wall panels, less grooves
• pre-fabrication, on demand supply
• flexible design, different floor plans
• individual design
• high cost efficiency

The design
Your bathroom turns out as a world of experience and relaxation. It enables you to feel well even though rooms are getting smaller. We provide decorative solutions to make the smallest rooms appear big.