• MerryChristmas

    Merry Chrsitmas

    Our opening hours during christmas holidays are as follows: Austria, Germany, UK remain closed from 24th December to 6th January. We are back to work by Monday 7th January. Our Middle East branch in Dubai will remain open at all…

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  • MGM_Macau_glass700x300


    The subsidiary company of Lang+Lang, 360° decoro, celebrates its first realized project in Asia. In a Chinese restaurant called Hao Guo in the Asian city of Macau 360° decoro showed its competence by reproducing a typical Chinese painting on glass…

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  • Arnold_Schoenberg_Matrix
  • Emirates_Hospital2
  • Saraya_Aqaba_Jordanien

    Tempting Jordan

    The arabic ornament in combination with the reflective glass optics of the wall decorations seduces the look of every single hotel guest. The enchanting pattern was printed 650 times on 6 mm ESG-glasses and runs now through the complete Al…

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  • SanMOD

    SanMOD® – The modular bathroom

    No matter if constructing a new building or renovating – the combination of fast and concurrently flexible installation of a hotel bathroom is always a big challenge. While the guests’ expectations of the bathroom’s design rise, the available space decreases.…

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  • BH_Kirchdorf1
  • Niu_Saddle_Fuerth
  • IKB_innsbruck

    IKB – One for all

    The Tyrolian energy supply company IKB delivers intelligent energy and infrastructure solutions and pushes the positive development of the Tyrolian economic area. Just as intelligent as their solutions are also the innovative solutions inside the new smart city lab in…

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  • Paramount_hotel

    Welcome to Hollywood

    Lang+Lang perfectly acts on stage of Paramount’s new hotel in Dubai. With around 300 pieces of backlit glass artworks in the hotel’s corridors, 360° decoro, Lang+Lang’s subsidiary company once more shows its full service in project management: image preparation, dimax®…

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