Glass is probably the most popular material in modern architecture and interior design. dimax® organic and dimax® ceramic represent two different technologies on how to decorate glass.

dimax® organic

  • organic Sol-Gel ink that is printed directly onto the glass without primer but with additional thermal heating process
  • maximum size 2x6m
  • all glass thicknesses and types (Float glass, tempered glass, semi-tempered glass, laminated glass, low iron glass)
  • the printed glass can be processed further after printing, e.g. double-glaze units
  • dimax® organic enable a broad color range in different shades of opacity (translucent, opaque for backlighting, opaque for wall cladding, double sided opaque)
  • water and scratch proof according to EN ISO 2409, ISO 2409, ASTM D870 and ASTM D2247

dimax® ceramic

  • ceramic ink that is melted into the glass surface during the temper process
  • application in facade up to 8 years, after that a soft fading is possible (but does not necessarily happen)
  • maximum size 3,2 x 6m
  • tempered glass and laminated glass possible, no constraint with thicknesses
  • colors are not as broad as dimax® organic, but enough for exterior applications