Fabrics contain the largest variety of materials in interior design – stretched fabrics for large wall and ceiling decorations, acoustic fabrics, backlit fabrics, translucent and opaque curtain fabrics, special fabrics with contract quality for furniture and many more.

dimax® fabric enables a large variety of printable fabrics with different technologies to meet long-lasting standards in interior design. We deliver the fabrics in the desired format and finishing ready to be installed in the application. Also design, framing and LED lighting is being offered.

technical details

  • treated and untreated fabrics (cotton, polyester, canvas,…)
  • dimensionally stable
  • good UV-resistance
  • B1 fire retardant
  • washable
  • digital UV print or transfer print
  • maximum width approx. 3,2m

Please get in touch to find out the correct fabric for your application.