• Casino_Salzburg02

    Casino Salzburg

    David, Venus,… a lot more than boring sculptures The casino in Austria’s historical city of Salzburg was partly renovated in 2016. The interior design is incorporating ancient sculptures, e.g. David, Venus. These have been replicated in high-resolution images and printed…

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  • Casino_Graz01
  • Logo 360

    Business expansion

    Lang+Lang is extending its international presence with its 360° decoro brand and enters a joint venture in Hong Kong. In future, we will therefore operate from Linz, Vienna, Munich, London, Dubai and Hong Kong. We look forward to exciting projects!

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  • Druck_auf_Teppich

    dimax®print on carpet

    Carpet Walking into individuality is enabled by dimax® carpets. Any design on different qualities is available. technical details different structures and qualities (80% polyamid, 20% wool or single polyamid carpets) flame retardant – EN 13501-1: Bfl-s1, Cfl-s1 total height approx.…

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  • dimax_druckaufKork
  • DruckaufKlebefolie_

    dimax® print on wallpaper

    wallpaper Whereas wallpaper has been unattractive and old-fashioned in the past, it receives great interest in the interior design nowadays. dimax® wallpaper meets both the requirements in terms of sustainability and lifetime and stands for high quality and unlimited digital…

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  • Lichtdecke

    dimax® print on fabric

    Fabrics Fabrics contain the largest variety of materials in interior design – stretched fabrics for large wall and ceiling decorations, acoustic fabrics, backlit fabrics, translucent and opaque curtain fabrics, special fabrics with contract quality for furniture and many more. dimax®…

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  • dimax_druckaufmalerei

    dimax® print on paint

    paint dimax®paint represents a large variety of painted surfaces and combines it with digital printing technology. Glossy, reflective, semi-mat or rough wall paints offer a good base for additionally printed patterns or logos. You can chose between different colors, brushes…

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  • Casino_Graz

    dimax® print on metal

    metal dimax® metal describes a variety of different metal surfaces including aluminium, aluminium composite panels, stainless steel panels. Each metal surface is also available in different designs and colors. The benefit of metallic surfaces is not only their sustainability but…

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